Waterbabies Swim School of San Clemente California.

2018 Sessions Dates

Winter: January 22 - March 31
Spring Break: April 2-6

Spring: April 9 - June 9
Summer 1: June 11 - July 14
Summer 2: July 16 - August 18
Fall1: August 20 - October 27
Fall2: October 29 - December 22

Waterbabies Swim School Policies

You are our partner in your child’s learning experience at Waterbabies.     WHY WE’RE HERE

Waterbabies Swim School exists to develop safe, confident, and effective swimmers. You are our partner in making swimming a skill for life for your child. Our policies have been developed to create the necessary conditions for your child’s optimal and safe learning. 
Your prior agreement is necessary before your child begins instruction at Waterbabies Swim School.   WHAT WE NEED FROM YOU

We request your cooperation and require your agreement with our policies below as a precondition of your child’s enrollment at Waterbabies Swim School.
You must remain at the school during your child’s lesson.   HELP US KEEP OUR POOL SAFE

The designated, responsible adult must remain at the swim school during their swimmer’s lesson. Children may only enter the pool during their class time, upon being called in by their teacher.

Remove all band-aids; the pool should not be used if any open or bleeding wound is present. If your child has a fever or a contagious disease, please do not come to your lesson. Keep your child’s fingernails and toenails cut and filed.
When your child is in the spa, you are responsible for his or her safety. No toys or equipment allowed in the spa.  

Use of the spa

Children can drown without a sound. The designated, responsible adult must be at the spa location while their child is in the spa, giving 100% supervision. Teachers cannot see the spa from the pool, and are not responsible for the safety of any child before or after the lesson time. That means that you must pay total, ongoing attention to your child with no distractions such as phones, electronics, or conversations, etc.

Beware! The center of the spa is deep. The spa may only be used up to 20 minutes after lesson time, and is offered as a reward for a swimmer’s effort in class.

No toys or equipment allowed in the spa.


We are delighted to host you in our relaxing garden setting. Please - no smoking, alcohol, glass containers, pets, or profanity. No food, drink, or gum-chewing is allowed during lesson time.

Let’s ensure that all our Waterbabies swim in clean, hygienic water. All pool users should shower/rinse off first.





Only re-usable swim diapers are permitted in our pool. This is better for your budget and better for the environment.



Your babies and children, unless reliably potty trained, must wear TWO re-usable swim diapers - the kind that have secure and snug elastic around the waist and legs.“Reliably” potty trained means that EVERY time your child needs to use the potty, they can be counted on to ask their swim teacher to leave the pool to go use the bathroom. 


Disposable swim diapers are not permitted in the Waterbabies Swim School pool.

Re-usable swim diapers are available for sale in our office for $10ea.


We understand that accidents happen but we are obligated to keep our pool clean and keep our facility operational. If your swimmer poops while in the pool and is not double-diapered—leading to fecal leakage and a subsequent pool closure—your account will be charged a $250 fee. Parents are expected to assist in cleaning leakage from contaminated areas, i.e. decks, toilets, waiting area, etc., and appropriately dispose of used diapers, towels, etc.

Do not bring your child to swim class if he or she is experiencing intestinal distress or diarrhea.

No metal hairclips, or bobby pins are allowed in the pool.

Who your child learns to swim with is important to successful learning.   FOR EFFECTIVE LEARNING, WE GROUP SIMILAR SWIMMERS IN CLASSES TOGETHER

Similar swimmers are safer and learn more effectively. We group them together according to our best judgment. Your child might be more successful in a different class for several reasons: age, ability, instructor, class size, low enrollment etc., so we may request that you change into a different class. Also, as your child progresses, he or she may need to change levels in order to continue learning.

Once a session has begun, we do not permit you to make schedule changes unless there is a significant medical issue.
Sometimes make-ups and changes are unavoidable. Here are your options.  


Consistency and repetition are the pillars of learning and skill acquisition. Your swimmer will be most successful by participating in his or her regular class every week. Make-up lessons are only permitted for illness. 

If your child is ill, and cannot attend their regular class, you must call the office on the day of the lesson to inform us of this absence. Once your child is well, you may schedule a make-up lesson. You may do this up to 2 times per session and lesson credits must be used before the end of the session in which the absence occurs.

Make-up lessons are scheduled at the discretion of the office with input from teachers where needed. Considerations include: age, level, and teacher availability. Missed make-ups will not be rescheduled. Refunds are not given for missed classes unless there is a significant medical issue.

Parent & Tot class make-up lessons may happen at any time during the regular schedule where space is available.

Waterbabies Swim School may need to combine or cancel a class. In this case you will not be charged any fees.

Correctly fitted and properly adjusted goggles are a must for your swimmer.  


Children wear goggles in our swim lessons. We recommend goggles that are anti-fog, one-piece construction with a split strap. Other styles tend to be harder to adjust and may leak or slip out of place. Please adjust the size and test for leaks before class. Snorkeling masks are not permitted because they cover the swimmers nose, inhibiting correct breathing patterns.

Goggles are not necessary for first time swimmers or Parent & Tot classes.

We have a great selection of reliable goggles for sale. You may also purchase them elsewhere. If you forget your goggles you can rent a pair for your lesson for $2.